Friday, March 23, 2012

Color Blocking For The Curvy Girl

Color blocking is making it's way back into the fashion scene this year. This trend made a come back last year, but is now becoming really popular. I will show you how to rock this trend and own it. You can also follow my Pinterest board
 Color Blocking For The Curvy Girl for the latest color blocking fashions and accessories.

How to color block

There are two ways to do color blocking. The first is by dividing the colors into warm and cool colors. Warm colors are yellows, reds and oranges. They tend to inspire a feeling of warmth when we look at them. Cool colors are the blues,  greens, and violets. They have a more cooling effect. So in order to color block successfully, you pick a warm color and a cool color and rock them together. The second way is to rock three colors together, two warm colors and one cool, or two cool and one warm. 

Here is an example

I paired a red (warm) dress with a pair of blue (cool) pumps and a yellow (warm) tote bag. I kept the accessories simple by adding a gold hoop earring. This whole outfit is only $99.50, less than $100!

Plus Size Color Blocking

Red sleeveless dress
$23 -

Blue Patent Pump
$25 -

Gold Hoop Earring
$1.50 -

''Sofia'' Tote
$50 - 

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